Faculty Finds: November 2017

Camille Catlett

November 2017

Faculty Finds is distributed six times per year. All issues focus on content resources, instructional resources, and information about effective preparation of early childhood professionals. All resources are free.

In this issue:

Supporting Young Children and Families Who Are Racially, Ethnically, and Culturally Diverse; Supporting Culturally, Linguistically, and Ability Diverse Young Children who are Learning More than One Language and their Families; Supporting Young Learners of Diverse Abilities in Inclusive Learning Opportunities... and more.

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For more information, please contact:
Camille Catlett at 919.966.6635 or camille.catlett@unc.edu
Citation: Catlett, C. (2017, November). Faculty finds, November 2017. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.