FirstSchool: Transforming PreK-3rd Grade for African American, Latino, and Low-Income Children

Ritchie, S., & Gutmann, L.

FirstSchool is a groundbreaking framework for teaching minority and low-income children. This book discusses the research and practice to date that defines FirstSchool as a critical approach to closing the achievement and opportunity gaps. Changing the conversation from improving test scores to improving school experiences, it features lessons learned from eight elementary schools whose leadership and staff implemented sustainable changes in their classrooms and schools. The authors detail how to use education research and data to provide a rationale for change; how to promote professional learning that is genuinely collaborative and respectful; and how to employ developmentally appropriate teaching strategies that focus on the needs of minority and low-income children.

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Available here: Teachers College Press
Citation: Ritchie, S., & Gutmann, L. (Eds.) (2014). FirstSchool: Transforming preK-3rd grade for African American, Latino, and low-income children. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.