Learning Words for Life: Promoting Vocabulary in Dual Language Learners

Gillanders, C., Castro, D. C., & Franco, X.

From the abstract: "Vocabulary development plays a critical role in young dual language learners’ success in school. As teachers become aware of how they use language in the classroom, systematically teach specific words in a variety of ways, and learn about dual language learners’ level of English acquisition and sociocultural experiences, they can help dual language learners learn new words during storybook reading and everyday conversations. Teachers can take advantage of dual language learners’ knowledge from prior experiences at home and their community as a point of departure for teaching new words. As teachers bridge the gap between the outside world and the classroom, they legitimize the language discourses dual language learners learn outside of school and improve communication with dual language learners."

Available here: The Reading Teacher
Citation: Gillanders, C., Castro, D. C., & Franco, X. (2014). Learning words for life: Promoting vocabulary in dual language learners. The Reading Teacher, 68, 213-221.
DOI: 10.1002/trtr.1291