Public Policy Dialogue on Gun Safety: A Community Psychology Values Check Relative to Public Policy

Jenkins, R.

From the article: "Community psychologists embrace values and principles that include an important focus on social justice. Defined as "conditions that promote equitable distribution of resources, equal opportunity for all, non-exploitation, prevention of violence, and active citizenry" (see, social justice conversations become challenging when the issue of gun safety takes center stage. Yet social justice, and the prevention of violence are bedrocks of our discipline's value system. So how can community psychology use its principles, values, tools and resources to (a) inform the policy dialogue in a more scientific and balanced form, (b) work to ensure that violence prevention as well as other core values are actualized in policies, and (c) inform public policies to advance science as well as public outcomes? Will these activities lead to greater social justice and lower violence rates relative to gun-related harms? And, are we nearing a tipping point, periodically called out by several of our colleagues over the years to move toward a more value-based and critical psychology-informed community psychology?

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Citation: Jenkins, R. (2018). Public policy dialogue on gun safety: A community psychology values check relative to public policy. The Community Psychologist, 51(3), 24-25.