Seven Students, One Voice: See Us, Understand Us, Teach Us, Challenge Us!

Gallagher, S., Coleman, M. R., & Tourret, D.
June, 2020

In a very moving session at a recent North Carolina Association for Gifted & Talented (NCAGT) conference, seven high school students faced a room full of educators and told them what it's like to be a gifted student of color and, in many cases, low-income as well. The students talked about being encouraged and discouraged, of opportunity and frustration. They described journeys comprised of determination, hard work, and sheer luck. We believe their messages deserve a larger forum, so we are sharing their words, edited for length, and organized to help parents and teachers understand that Giftedness Knows No Boundaries.

Citation: Gallagher, S., Coleman, M. R., & Tourret, D. (2020). Seven students, one voice: See us, understand us, teach us, challenge us! Parenting for High Potential, 22-25.