New Handbook on Autism and Education Features Contributions From Investigators at FPG

Date Published: 08/22/2019

Several investigators from UNC Chapel Hill’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute are contributors to a newly released autism-focused educational support resource from SAGE Publishing.

The SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education is a comprehensive handbook for practitioners and researchers who wish to know and understand current views of the nature of autism and best practices in educational support. The handbook explores key concepts, debates, and research areas in the field.

The website’s description states, “Education is an important aspect of the environmental influences on autism, and effective education can have a significant effect on outcome for those on the autism spectrum.”

The book is the result of a global collaboration with editors from the United Kingdom, Australia, and United States, and with authors from across the world. FPG’s Kara Hume, Ph.D., is the United States editor of the handbook and co-author of two chapters.

Other FPG investigators who made contributions to chapters in the book include:

The SAGE Handbook of Autism and Education is available in both hardcover and digital formats and can be purchased here.


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