Why or Why Not? A Qualitative Analysis of Low-Income Parents' Reasons for Accepting or Rejecting Simulated Research Enrollment for Their Children

Campbell, F. A., & Goldman, B. D.

From the abstract: "A simulation of enrollment in a high- or low-risk research study was conducted with low-income, mostly minority parents. Simulation participants were provided scenarios based on actual low-risk research involving premature babies or actual high-risk research involving devices designed as bridges to heart transplants when all other therapies had failed. Their understanding of the procedures, risks, and benefits was based only the information gained from consent materials for the high- or low-risk protocol. After reviewing the consent information, participants were asked to state their own decision as to whether to enroll their simulated child in the described study. The low-income sample of parents who participated in this simulation were overwhelmingly positive about enrolling a child in the two studies..."

Citation: Campbell, F. A., & Goldman, B. D. (2014). Why or why not? A qualitative analysis of low-income parents' reasons for accepting or rejecting simulated research enrollment for their children. Social Work in Public Health, 29, 686-700.
DOI: 10.1080/19371918.2014.938387