Crosswalks: Outreach to Infuse Diversity in Preservice Education

The Crosswalks project developed and tested a framework to support early childhood and early intervention faculty and preservice programs in preparing students to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse children and families. Crosswalks designed, tested, evaluated, and disseminated a model for using that framework and a companion “toolbox” to increase the extent to which diversity is reflected in coursework, fieldwork/practica, and preservice programs.

Crosswalks worked in four North Carolina higher education communities that included public and private colleges/universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and community colleges. Evaluation data based on faculty, program, and student change guided revisions and scaling up of all project materials for national distribution/replication. Use of evidence-based practices and a randomized experimental design assured the integrity and validity of project findings.

Salient features of the Crosswalks implementation plan included: (1) developing a framework for evaluating the preservice coursework, field experiences, and programs in terms of cultural content and values; (2) developing a companion toolbox of resources and strategies for guiding diversity-related changes to coursework, field experiences, and programs; (3) using the framework to develop plans for increasing the emphasis on diversity in preservice programs; (4) using the toolbox and a sequence of training and technical assistance to promote diversity-related changes; and (5) evaluating the impact on faculty, programs, and students (graduates).

FPG Project Staff:
Camille Catlett, Principal Investigator
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education
Funding Period: 10/01/2003 - 12/31/2008
Award Amount: $523,662