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ECERS-3: Identifying Gaps and Equity Challenges

This project will include a series of studies of the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale-Third Edition (ECERS-3; Harms et al., 2015) to interrogate and provide solutions related to racial equity with a particular lens towards anti-bias and culturally grounded practices. The goal of this series of studies is to develop recommendations that could be used to inform the next revisions of the ECERS-3, a global early care and education quality measure for children aged 3-5 that examines quality from the child's perspective. The project will include listening sessions with Black and Hispanic/Latine teachers, directors, and technical assistance providers; analyses of existing data; and classroom observations in 250 classrooms.


Funding Agency:  

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Funding Period:  

10/21/2021 to 06/30/2024

Award Amount:  



Noreen M. Yazejian, Principal Investigator
Iheoma U. Iruka, Co-Principal Investigator
Sharron Hunter-Rainey, Managing Director
Rachel Kaplan, Project Coordinator
Laura J. Kuhn, Advanced Research Scientist
Adis Liy, Research Coordinator
Barbara M. Lowery, Program Assistant
Nicole A. Telfer, Post-doctoral Fellow

Publications and Other Resources

Published: December 2022 Type: Reports and Policy Briefs