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Meck Pre-K Program Evaluation

This project intends to conduct an independent, unbiased evaluation of the MECK Pre-K program that will be longitudinal in scope, tracking cohorts of MECK Pre-K students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools through 5th grade. Given the longitudinal nature of the evaluation and the need to track multiple cohorts, it is expected that this project will span 10 years.  
The focus of that evaluation will cover three key areas:

  • program characteristics
  • program implementation and quality
  • student outcomes

Evaluation will be designed for a representative sample of students in pre-school through grade 5 and will use various evaluation tools to examine language, literacy, math, and executive functioning. Pre-k students will require observational data collection using the CLASS by Principal Investigator(s) and data collectors. Annual reports will be developed, and a final summative report will be completed in year 10.


Funding Agency:  

HighScope Educational Research Foundation

Funding Period:  

08/01/2022 to 07/31/2032

Award Amount:  



Ximena Franco-Jenkins, Principal Investigator
Giselle Medina, Bilingual Data Collector