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New Hampshire Early Childhood Advisory Council (SparkNH) TA Project

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute will provide technical assistance to the Early Childhood Advisory Council in the state of New Hampshire. The primary outcome of this technical assistance is an operationalized strategic plan for developing a statewide comprehensive system of early learning and development, including all sectors of supports for young children and families including all services broadly related to health, education, disabilities, and social services. Relevant information from current plans and initiatives in New Hampshire as well as plans from states awarded the Federal Early Learning Challenge Grant will be incorporated into the strategic plan.

The state Early Childhood Advisory Council will be involved in an interactive and iterative process to develop the plan. Technical assistance will provide coordination, oversight, and management of plan development through consultation, document review, meeting facilitation, webinars, conference calls, product development, and ongoing communication. The involvement of stakeholders throughout the process of plan development will contribute to buy-in across service sectors at all levels of the system and will facilitate the implementation process. 

The final strategic planning document will provide SparkNH with a roadmap for developing a comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable early childhood system that achieves positive outcomes for young children and families (birth through grade 3) and a means of evaluating the impacts of implementing the plan and updating as needed. The plan will also include a description of the policies, resources, and additional TA resources needed to achieve successful implementation of the plan. 


Funding Agency:  

New Hampshire DHHS Child Care Advisory Council

Funding Period:  

06/15/2012 to 08/15/2013

Award Amount: