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NIRN Validity Study of the RIVET PL Scoring and Evidence Guide

The National Implementation Research Center (NIRN) will partner with Rivet Education to design and conduct an empirical evaluation of the Scoring & Evidence Guide (SEG)’s reliability and validity. The free and public-facing SEG is an evidence-based framework and rubric that serves as the basis for Rivet's reviews of providers. It evaluates the extent to which providers have expertise in content and specific high-quality instructional materials implementation (HQIM), as defined as "green" on EdReports, the extent to which they design professional learning that meets overarching and type-specific indicators of quality, and the extent to which they collect data about the effectiveness of their services and use those data to improve their services.


Funding Agency:  

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Funding Period:  

10/01/2023 to 09/30/2026

Award Amount:  



Melanie Livet, Principal Investigator
Ximena Franco-Jenkins, Co-principal Investigator
Megan K. Bookhout, Research Scientist
Rebekah E. Hornak, Implementation Specialist
Cathy Jeddour, Assistant Director for Research Administration
Amelia Krysinski, Project Manager
Alicia Reynolds Reddi, Research Assistant
Taylor Stiles, Client Support Specialist
Caryn S. Ward, Research collaborator