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Post-Doctoral Training in Special Education and Autism Research

The goal of this program will be to train special education scientists to conduct efficacy studies (IES Goal 3) of intervention programs for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder. With key faculty members who make up their mentoring committee, fellows will design an Individualized Fellowship Plan, drawing from a set of research competencies necessary for a successful research career. Following a sociocultural conceptual framework for training, fellows will enter the program as novice researchers. They will participate in shared knowledge activities such as selected didactic coursework and specialized seminars. Also, they will participate directly in IES-funded research projects. Through mentoring by key faculty, fellows will move into a role of central participant in research activities, planning a program of independent research by the conclusion of the training. The program will be evaluated through a portfolio assessment that will document fellows’ performance on key outcomes as well as placement after they have completed the two-year mentorship program.


Funding Agency:  

U.S. Department of Education

Funding Period:  

07/01/2016 to 06/30/2021

Award Amount:  



Samuel L. Odom, Principal Investigator
Kara Hume, Co-Principal Investigator