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Targeted Reading Intervention Collaborative Coaching Specialist Training

Area(s) of Work: K-12 Education

The Targeted Reading Intervention has been implemented successfully in several schools as part of a UNC research project within the Kearney Public School District of Kearney, Nebraska. The district leaders have proposed a plan to build district capacity for sustaining the implementation of TRI in all schools. The plan includes the identification of a district teacher, who is an experienced TRI instructor, to assume the role of TRI specialist and trainer, the arrangement of training from the UNC TRI team for the specialist, and the establishment of procedures necessary to ensure fidelity of implementation in all schools. The role of the TRI Specialist is to coach K-1 teachers, reading specialists, and special educators to: a) acquire essential knowledge of early reading development and efficient instructional strategies; b) develop skills in matching instruction to assessment; and c) apply these knowledge sources and skills particularly for the benefit of struggling readers. 


Funding Agency:  

Kearney Public Schools

Funding Period:  

08/13/2010 to 05/31/2011

Award Amount: