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North Carolina Smart Start Evaluation Notebook

Kathleen Bernier, Vicki Boggs, Beth Bordeaux, Satsuki Scoville, Joy Sotolongo, & Karen Taylor

The vision for this notebook was born from a core group of Smart Start evaluators in partnership with members of the Frank Porter Graham Smart Start Evaluation Team. Our goal has been to pull together ideas and materials that have been developed about Smart Start evaluation. This notebook is organized according to Smart Start needs and addresses Smart Start evaluation topics.

This notebook is designed to:

  • Orient partnership evaluators and staff who are new to Smart Start
  • Serve as a reference for staff members already working with Smart Start evaluation
  • Serve as a central collection of information related to the process of Smart Start evaluation

This notebook is not a generic manual about program evaluation, nor is it inclusive of all handouts, presentations, and materials that relate to Smart Start evaluation. Please consult us if you have specific questions that are not addressed in this notebook.

All or part of this notebook may be reproduced with appropriate references and distributed. Please include the Frank Porter Graham Smart Start Evaluation Assistance Team reference or the appropriate reference for other materials on each page that is reproduced and distributed.