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We Are the Change We Seek

Iruka, I. U., Durden, T. R., Escayg, K.-A., Curenton, S. M.

This timely will help early care and education teachers, leaders, administrators, coaches, and staff deliver on the promise of high-quality education for all children. The authors provide inspiration, practical tools, and resources through the culturally responsive, anti-bias, anti-racist (CRABAR) framework. This teacher-friendly text shows how to engage in self-inquiry and evaluate current classroom practices while embedding new ones that advance the learning and well-being of children, especially those from minoritized and poor communities. Readers will find tools and assessments to support the implementation of culturally grounded practices that will improve outcomes for diverse children in early childhood settings and systems. This book connects history to current events, supports self-inquiry, encourages a shift in mindset and, most importantly, offers guidance for creating affirming and joyful spaces for young children to learn.


Iruka, I. U., Durden, T. R., Escayg, K.-A., Curenton, S. M. (2023). We Are the Change We Seek. New York: Teachers College Press, Columbia University.