Advancing Implementation: Toward an Inclusive View of Research in Behavioral Medicine

Fixsen, D. L., Boothroyd, R. I., Blase, K. A., Fixsen, A. A. M., & Metz, A.

From the abstract: "Like other fields, research in behavioral medicine can be strengthened by taking a broader look at knowledge from implementation science. The success of an evidence-based innovation is not measured by its effectiveness alone, but needs to take into account the ability to bring the full, intended experience of the innovation into the lives of children, families, and communities. Implementation – often noted as a critical missing link for getting research into practice – is an active and outcome-oriented process that is focused on how to support full and effective use of an innovation as intended in typical service settings. What do we know about the conditions that affect implementation? This chapter outlines the need for and history of implementation science as framed in the context of the evidence-based movement across medicine, behavioral medicine, and other fields. Authors then present a set of factors that influence implementation as synthesized from reviews of implementation frameworks across multiple disciplines. Recurring themes include (a) the need for a defined set of an innovation’s core components that can guide parameters for necessary adaptations based on context; (b) building the competence and confidence of those delivering the innovation; and (c) developing and strengthening organizational infrastructure to create culture, climate, practices, and policies that support implementation activities. Authors make the case for a universal set of such implementation factors and illustrate their application across public health, behavioral medicine, child welfare, and other fields."

Available here: Springer
Citation: Fixsen, D. L., Boothroyd, R. I., Blase, K. A., Fixsen, A. A. M., & Metz, A. (2018). Advancing implementation: Toward an inclusive view of research in behavioral medicine. In E. Fisher, L. Cameron, A. Christensen, U. Ehlert, Y. Guo, B. Oldenburg, & F. Snoek (Eds.), Principles and concepts of behavioral medicine: A global handbook (pp. 215-237). New York: Springer.
DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-93824-4_8