Ethical Issues in Early Intervention: Voices From the Field

Able, H., West, T., & Lim, C-I.

From the abstract: "Ethical considerations are integral to our professional lives when we are faced with difficult choices regarding services and supports for children and families. Often, the right choice in service delivery for young children with disabilities ages birth to 5 years is unclear due to a myriad of factors potentially creating ethical dilemmas. This article reports the results of a focus group study with 82 early intervention (EI) professionals serving young children ages birth to 5 years designed to determine EI practitioners' ethical concerns in daily practice and how they are resolved. Professionals shared dilemmas they have experienced related to family–professional and interprofessional conflicts as well as those related to policy and programmatic issues. In addition, resolution strategies used by EI practitioners are highlighted. Guidelines for systematic ethical reflection and problem solving are recommended on the basis of professional Codes of Ethics..." read more

Citation: Able, H., West, T., & Lim, C-I. (2017). Ethical issues in early intervention: Voices from the field. Infants & Young Children, 30, 204-220.
DOI: 10.1097/IYC.0000000000000098