Exploring the Professional Development Landscape: Summary From Four States

Cox, M. E., Hollingsworth, H., & Buysse, V.

From the abstract: "This study provides results from the Landscape Survey, a statewide survey of professional development (PD) created by the National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI). The survey included a sample of 831 professional development providers across four states. Results focused on similarities and differences across states and sectors in learner characteristics, PD content, and approaches to PD delivery. The study also examined characteristics of PD providers that may influence their choice of PD intensity (one time event or PD with follow-up activities). Suggestions are provided for the use of statewide PD data, such as the data gathered in this study, to inform state PD planning and data system efforts."

Citation: Cox, M. E., Hollingsworth, H., & Buysse, V. (2015). Exploring the professional development landscape: Summary from four states. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 32, 116-126.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ecresq.2015.03.002