Global Implementation Specialist Practice Profile

Skills and Competencies for Implementation Practitioners
Metz, A., Louison, L., Ward, C., & Burke, K.
June, 2017

The purpose of the Global Implementation Specialist Practice Profile is to support the development of a Global Implementation Specialist Model. Implementation researchers have identified constructs, variables, and strategies that support the sustainable use of evidence and interventions/approaches to improve outcomes. These constructs and strategies have been synthesized into frameworks and conceptual models that undergird the science of implementation and are used by implementation specialists to support communities to implement, scale, and sustain interventions/approaches for impact. However, building the capacity of systems to integrate implementation science into their delivery approaches takes more than just implementation science knowledge. This type of capacity building in complex and complicated systems requires a set of skills and competencies.

Citation: Metz, A., Louison, L., Ward, C., & Burke, K. (2017). Global Implementation Specialist Practice Profile: Skills and competencies for implementation practitioners. Chapel Hill, NC: National Implementation Research Network and Centre for Effective Services.