Implementation Teams: A Stakeholder View of Leading and Sustaining Change

Metz, A., & Bartley, L.

From the abstract: "An implementation team is a group of stakeholders that oversees, attends to, and is accountable for facilitating key activities in the selection, implementation, and continuous improvement of an intervention. There is growing attention on the important role of implementation teams in supporting the sustainable use of evidence to improve outcomes. This chapter provides a state-of-the-field as it relates to the use of implementation teams to support, scale, and sustain change efforts to produce population impacts. Competencies for implementation team members are also discussed."

Available here: Springer
Citation: Metz, A., & Bartley, L. (2020). Implementation teams: A stakeholder view of leading and sustaining change. In B. Albers, A. Shlonsky, & R. Mildon (Eds.), Implementation science 3.0 (pp. 199-225). New York, NY: Springer.