Requiring School Districts to Spend Comparable Amounts on Title I Schools Is Pushing on a String

a report from the Brookings Institution
Dynarski, M., & Kainz, K.
July, 2016

From the Executive Summary: "The comparability debate is a distraction from the more important issue of how Title I can best close gaps. As we wrote previously in this series, Title I spends most of its resources on programs and services that don’t do much to help students. A more fruitful discussion would focus on how states and districts can spend their money effectively, by using evidence to identify programs that work on which Title I funds should be spent..."

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Citation: Dynarski, M., & Kainz, K. (2016, July). Requiring school districts to spend comparable amounts on Title I schools is pushing on a string (Evidence Speaks No. 21). Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution.