Revising the Division for Early Childhood Recommended Practices: When, Who, and How

Snyder, P., & Ayankoya, B.

DEC Recommended Practices: Enhancing Services for Young Children With Disabilities and Their Families aims to help bridge the gap between research and practice by highlighting practices that have been shown through research to result in better outcomes for young children with disabilities, their families, and the personnel who serve them. It begins with a history of the recommended practices written by DEC Recommended Practices Commission Chair Mary McLean as well as an account of how the most recent revisions were made. The following chapters focus on each of the eight domains within the practices: leadership, assessment, environment, family, instruction, interaction, teaming and collaboration, and transition. The authors of each chapter explain these content areas individually, providing definitions and describing scenarios and examples that can inform the successful implementation of the practices. Stakeholders in the field also share a collection of short essays about how the recommended practices inform what they do on behalf of young children with disabilities.

Citation: Synder, P., & Ayankoya, B. (2015). Revising the Division for Early Childhood recommended practices: When, who, and how. In DEC recommended practices: Enhancing services for young children with disabilities and their families (pp. 11-24). Los Angeles, CA: Division for Early Childhood.