What Are the Barriers and How Can I Address Them?

Gupta, S. S., & Vinh, M. E.

From the publisher: "Interested in preschool inclusion, but not sure where to start? This introductory guide gathers everything you need to know to launch a successful inclusive early childhood program—and get critical buy-in from your whole staff. A must for leaders of early childhood programs, this reader-friendly primer reveals how inclusive education benefits all children, how school staff and parents can work as a team to make it happen, and how to knock down common barriers to inclusion. Combining the latest research with the nuts and bolts of program development, this book will help current and future early childhood leaders assemble highly effective inclusion teams and develop programs where every child learns and thrives."

Available here: Brookes Publishing
Citation: Gupta, S. S., & Vinh, M. E. (2014). What are the barriers and how can I address them? In S. Gupta, W. Henninger, & M. Vinh (Eds.), First steps to preschool inclusion: How to jumpstart your programwide plan (pp. 165-180). Baltimore, MD: Brookes.