The Children of the Cost, Quality, and Outcomes Study Go to School (Executive Summary)

Peisner-Feinberg, E. S., Burchinal, M. R., Clifford, R. M., Culkin, M. L., Howes, C., Kagan, S. L., Yazejian, N., Byler, P., Rustici, J., & Zelazo, J.
June, 1999

High-quality child care positively affects children's cognitive and social skills through the second grade, according to a major national study by researchers at four universities, including researchers at FPG and the National Center for Early Development & Learning at UNC-Chapel Hill. Children in quality care programs when they were 3 and 4 years old scored better on math, language and social skills development through the early elementary years than children in poor-quality care. Researchers, who began following these children 4 years ago as part of the Cost, Quality & Outcomes Study, say policy implications are significant.