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Our Programs

FPG programs work to generate knowledge, inform policy, and support practices to promote positive developmental and educational outcomes for children of all backgrounds and abilities from the earliest years. Learn more about our Equity Research Action Coalition and our Program on Mindfulness & Self-Compassion for Families below.

Equity Research Action Coalition

The Equity Research Action Coalition will co-construct with practitioners and policymakers actionable research to support the optimal development of Black children prenatally through childhood across the African diaspora using a cultural wealth framework. It will focus on developing a science-based action framework to eradicate the impact of racism and poverty and all its consequences on the lives of Black children, families, and communities, and to ensure optimal health, well-being, school readiness and success, and overall excellence.


FRONTIER, which stands for "Fostering Research On Neuro-Prevention Translation via Infrastructure, Education, and Relationships." will provide an infrastructure for collaborative studies at UNC on children and adolescents who have experienced significant adversities, such as maltreatment, poverty, racism, inequities, violence, and substandard housing conditions.

The overall mission of FRONTIER is to apply both a transdisciplinary and translational approach for cross-cutting research, practice and policy in neuroprevention science.