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Advanced Online Course in Foundations

The North Carolina Early Learning Network will work with child care and early education stakeholders to tailor existing Foundations Emotional-Social professional development (PD) modules for online self-directed learning. Stakeholders include Child Care Resources Inc. staff and faculty at the University of NC-Wilmington who developed the basic Foundations course. Their participation will ensure that the advanced course aligns with existing PD.

The ‘Advanced Online Course in Foundations’ will include an overview, information about formative assessment, and evidence-based instructional strategies for classroom design, teaching behavior expectations, schedules and routines, giving directions and feedback, and promoting positive relationships. These practices, comprising the ‘bottom tier’ of the Social-Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (SEFEL) Pyramid Model, and therefore appropriate for all, help children develop a sense of self, a sense of self with others, and learn about feelings. The course will emphasize how these practices promote the emotional-social goals found in Foundations for Early Learning and Development. Existing PD modules on which the Advanced Online Course will be based can be found at this link: http://modules.nceln.fpg.unc.edu/foundations/module-intro

Instructional technology specialists using Adobe Presenter software will record content with voiced over PowerPoint slides and design activities that participants can complete independently. A ‘quiz’ for each content area can be printed and completed by the participant and, along with a certificate of completion, will provide evidence of participation and documentation for Continuing Education Units. The online course will be posted on the Early Learning Network website: http://nceln.fpg.unc.edu/.


Funding Agency:  

North Carolina Division of Child Development

Funding Period:  

05/01/2015 to 12/31/2016

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Christine Coster Harradine, Project Director
Christine D. Wagner, Technology Support Analyst