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Developing High-Quality, Functional IFSP Outcomes and IEP Goals: Training Package

Lucas, A., Gillaspy, K., & Peters, M.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how to use the PowerPoint Presentation and accompanying handouts and activities contained in this Training Package. This training will assist professionals (e.g., providers, practitioners, teachers) in both Part C early intervention (EI) and Part B, Section 619 early childhood special education (ECSE) to understand:

  • the evidence behind how children learn,
  • the fundamental components of functional assessment, and
  • how to use that information to develop functional IFSP outcomes and IEP goals.

This training was developed in response to the need expressed from state and local providers to have specific information and resources available to practitioners to support their understanding and application of:

  • the criteria of high quality, functional, participation-based outcomes and goals that not only meet the requirements of federal regulations, but are meaningful to families as well;
  • the clear and deliberate link between each step in the IFSP/IEP process, starting with initial contact through transition, and supported by the evidence of how children learn best through every day activities and routines with familiar people; and
  • the essential knowledge that practitioners must have, including how to gather information from families throughout the process, conduct a functional assessment, develop high quality, functional, and individualized outcomes and goals, and complete the child outcomes measurement process for program improvement and program accountability.