The Early Childhood Outcomes Center

The Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO) Center was a collaborative effort of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, SRI International, the Research Triangle Institute, and the University of Connecticut. The center's purpose was to provide national leadership in the development and use of outcome information in early intervention and preschool special education programs. Activities included collaboration with stakeholders and other groups concerned with outcomes measurement, research on issues related to development and implementation of outcome measures, and technical assistance to support states in developing and implementing these systems. Expected outcomes included the development of outcomes data for young children with special needs that can be aggregated at the national level, and the use of this data for documenting program effects and improving programs at the local and state levels.

FPG Project Staff:
Lynne Kahn, Principal Investigator
Siobhan E. Colgan
Christina M. Kasprzak
Funding Agency: SRI International
Funding Period: 11/01/2008 - 09/30/2014
Award Amount: $1,407,160
Funding Agency: SRI International
Funding Period: 10/10/2003 - 12/30/2008
Award Amount: $1,005,000