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Local District Preschool Inclusion Self-Assessment

Cate, D., Dell, P., & Whaley, K.

This self-assessment tool provides a framework for discussion to promote partnerships among schools and early care and education providers to promote the inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families in early childhood programs. We recommend forming a cross-sector team to complete the self-assessment. As the team considers each item, reflect on your experience working together to provide services to young children and families. Once the tool is completed, decide which item(s) will be a priority for future action to improve the quality of services. Remember that all voices are important to moving a partnership forward. Early childhood programs are defined as Early Childhood Special Education, Early Intervention, Head Start, Early Head Start, State Pre-Kindergarten, Child Care, Title I Preschool, and other programs.


Cate, D., Dell, P., & Whaley, K. (2018). Local district preschool inclusion self-assessment. Retrieved from http://ectacenter.org/~pdfs/topics/inclusion/local-inclusion-self-assessment.pdf