From All to Each and Every: Preparing Professionals to Support Children of Diverse Abilities

Catlett, C., Maude, S. P., Nollsch, M., & Simon, S.
October, 2014

Summary: Over a decade of research has revealed the lack of emphasis on young children of diverse abilities in the coursework and field experiences of associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs that are preparing early childhood teachers. Kirkwood Community College decided to strengthen their program in early childhood education by equipping future teachers to better support children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. By using an evidence-based approach to enhancing a higher education program derived from FPG’s Crosswalks model, the program became a powerful example of how to shift from preparing students to work with all children to preparing them to support each and every child and family. Diverse professional development professionals (faculty, trainers, technical assistance providers, etc.) can use these strategies to shift from a generic focus on all young children to an explicit emphasis that includes children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability-diverse—an emphasis that also includes their families.

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Citation: Catlett, C., Maude, S. P., Nollsch, M., & Simon, S. (2014). From all to each and every: Preparing professionals to support children of diverse abilities (pg. 111-124). In K. Pretti-Frontczak, J. Grisham-Brown, & L. Sullivan (Eds.), Blending practices for all children. Young Exceptional Children Monograph Series No. 16. Los Angeles, CA: Division for Early Childhood.