The Unusual is NOT Impossible: Why Stories Matter to Building Partnerships

the keynote address at the 2017 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute (video)
Janice Fialka

Watch it here. Janice Fialka--parent, poet, compelling storyteller, and award-winning advocate for families and persons with disabilities--presented the keynote address at the 2017 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute. She is a nationally-recognized speaker, author, and advocate on issues related to disability, parent-professional partnerships, inclusion, and raising a child with disabilities. This video also includes short welcome addresses from FPG's Pamela Winton (at the start) and Tracey West (at 3:10), as well as special education pioneer Ann Turnbull's introduction (at 18:23) of Janice Fialka's keynote (at 24:30).

You can also watch the special plenary session of national experts. Reflecting the 2017 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute's theme of Trusting Partnerships in a Time of Change, leaders from federal agencies and national early childhood professional organizations shared information and insights on early childhood directions and initiatives related to inclusion and to supporting children with disabilities and their families. Participants also asked questions and shared their perspectives with the panelists. Winton, chair emerita of the popular three-day conference, moderated the panels.