WCHL Radio Interviews FPG's Autism Team

a discussion about autism research, training, and successes
Kara Hume, Yolanda Perkins, & Krista Lee
February, 2018

Listen here

Learn about the Advances for Autism Challenge.

Members of FPG's Autism Team sat down with WCHL Radio's Aaron Keck to discuss: stories of families and teachers with children with autism; the successes of FPG's research and free AFIRM online training for parents and teachers; and the new National Clearinghouse on Autism Evidence and Practice.

The interview included educational coach Yolanda Perkins and parent Krista Lee (here), who has a son with autism. Kara Hume, the clearinghouse's director, spoke about the Advances for Autism Challenge, a fundraising drive to support the clearinghouse, and later that week she received WCHL's Hometown Hero Award.