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South Carolina Implementation Capacity for Triple P (SCIC-TP)

Children's Trust of South Carolina is planning to scale-up the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program system of interventions in several South Carolina communities. FPG's Implementation Capacity for Triple P (ICTP) project team, already working to support a similar statewide Triple P initiative in North Carolina, is providing active implementation support and implementation science guidance to help the South Carolina Triple P project become successful and sustainable.

The ICTP project team will assist Children's Trust to use readiness criteria and site selection best practices to select lead agencies South Carolina communities to scale Triple P. Subsequently, ICTP implementation specialists will begin to provide active implementation support to local Triple P leaders and implementation teams in these communities, guided by a theoretically- and empirically-derived model of core practice components for implementation support. In addition to direct support, the ICTP project team will adapt its online implementation learning lab (https://ictp.fpg.unc.edu/) and Triple P implementation tools and measures for South Carolina Triple P stakeholders. Finally, using implementation science and best practices, the ICTP project team will contribute to Children’s Trust's and other statewide partners’ design of (1) model community Triple P scale-up plans, (2) statewide Triple P intermediary support plans, and (3) Triple P evaluation plans for South Carolina.


Funding Agency:  

The Duke Endowment

Funding Period:  

01/01/2018 to 06/30/2019

Award Amount:  



William A. Aldridge II, Principal Investigator
Renée I. Boothroyd, Co-Principal Investigator
Sandra J. Diehl, Co-Investigator
Rebecca H. Roppolo, Co-Investigator
Ximena Franco-Jenkins, Co-Investigator
Kimberly R. Maloney, Project Coordinator
Ariel B. Everett, Implementation Associate
Wendy M. Morgan, Learning and Development Senior Strategist
Julie Chin, Educational Technology Specialist
Jennifer B. Robinette, Social Research Assistant