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Section 619 Profile (17th ed.)

Lazara, A., Danaher, J., Kraus, R., Goode, S., & Festa, C. (Eds.)

The 2010 edition of this publication updates information provided by state coordinators on state policies, programs, and practices under the Preschool Grants Program (Section 619 of Part B) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Information includes: program administration, funding, interagency coordination, personnel, transition, monitoring, use of IEPs/ IFSPs, family-centered services, standards and outcomes, pre-kindergarten initiatives, initiatives for special populations, and services in least restrictive environments (LRE). The volume also includes a compilation of information on the Section 619 program from other sources: federal and state policies, data from ideadata.org, state training and TA systems, data on changes in children served by the program, and contact information for state and jurisdictional program coordinators.