Preschool Inclusion Finance Toolkit 2017

Cate, D., & Peters, M.

This toolkit outlines strategies and guidance on collaborative funding strategies and mechanisms, including braided funding, to create and sustain high-quality inclusive regular early childhood settings that are inclusive of preschool children with disabilities. The use of federal funds is outlined specific to supporting young children with disabilities in regular early childhood programs with their peers. State and local funds are subject to the rules of the state or local agency and not addressed in this document.

This toolkit may be used at the state, regional and/or local levels to support administrators in making finance decisions to promote preschool inclusion, to provide technical assistance and to guide community collaboration. This document is useful for all state and local administrators of early childhood programs, finance staff, program personnel, higher education, families and those who provide family leadership, education and support services. Early childhood programs include special education, Title I, Pre-K, Head Start, child care and other community programs.

Additional information available here: Inclusion in Least Restrictive Environments
Citation: Cate, D., & Peters, M. (2017). Preschool inclusion finance toolkit 2017. Retrieved from