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young girl sitting up in bed reading a picture book
November 30, 2023
In line with their commitment to community-led research, researchers from FPG are working with Durham’s El Centro Hispano on a kindergarten readiness project the nonprofit wished to expand. The FPG team designed a series of parent workshops to build foundational literacy skills for children aged six months to five years.
new publications roundup
November 30, 2023
Each year, investigators, staff, and faculty fellows at FPG produce dozens of new publications including books and book chapters, journal articles, online learning publications, reports and policy briefs, technical assistance guides, and many other resources. Find a collection of the most recent publications.
November 14, 2023
More than 40 years ago, veteran FPG investigators Thelma Harms, PhD, and Richard M. Clifford, PhD, set out to understand what it is young children truly need to succeed. Their time-tested research and extensive observations led to the publication of the ECERS, a research-based instrument to assess the comprehensive quality of early childhood programs for children ages 3 through 5. Now a new team of authors will take up the mantle to produce ECERS-4.
desiree murray
November 9, 2023
After taking her first psychology class in high school, Desiree Murray, PhD, knew that a career as a psychologist was in her future. Before becoming a faculty fellow at FPG and senior research scientist at the UNC Center of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Murray served as the associate director for research at FPG. Prior to that time, she spent nearly two decades in the Department of Psychiatry at Duke, with particular expertise in ADHD.