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National Implementation Research Network

The mission of the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) is to contribute to the best practices and science of implementation, organization change, and system reinvention to improve outcomes across the spectrum of human services. NIRN continues to focus much of its efforts on directly building implementation capacity at the federal, state/province, and county levels, as well as with non-governmental partners, such as foundations and purveyors/intermediary organizations of evidence-based programs and practices. Currently, NIRN is engaged in building a better laboratory in which Active Implementation components are in use and available for study. This page highlights current NIRN activity.


Caryn S. Ward, Director
Allison J. Metz, Faculty Fellow, PI of NIRN Projects
Sophia S. Farmer, Implementation Specialist
Toniann Glatz, Social Research Assistant
Stephanie Kennedy, Implementation Associate
Amelia Krysinski, Project Manager
Jake Leonard, Research Assistant
Stephen McKinney, Implementation Associate
Yolanda Perkins, Implementation Specialist
Correy D. Watkins, Implementation Specialist

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Funding Agency:  

U.S. Department of Education

Funding Period:  

09/01/2022 to 08/31/2027

Funding Agency:  

Research Triangle Institute

Funding Period:  

12/01/2019 to 05/31/2024

Publications and Other Resources

Published: August 2021 Type: Reports and Policy Briefs
Published: July 2021 Type: Curricula and Training Materials
Published: December 2020 Type: Technical Assistance Guides
Published: November 2020 Type: Other Resources