Early Childhood TA Center

The Early Childhood TA Center (ECTA) is funded to support state Part C and Preschool Section 619 programs in developing high-quality early intervention and preschool special education service systems, increasing local implementation of evidence-based practices, and enhancing outcomes for young children with disabilities and their families. The Center has four key goals: (1) to increase awareness and recognition at the national level of how IDEA Part C and Section 619 can be intentionally included within broader early childhood initiatives; (2) to build the knowledge and skills of state IDEA Part C and Section 619 Coordinators to implement high quality state systems; (3) to increase capacity of Part C and Section 619 programs to implement systems change efforts, improve and sustain state systems, and increase access to, and participation in, high-quality, inclusive programs for young children with disabilities; and (4) to improve the implementation of effective services and evidence-based interventions, including DEC Recommended Practices, in inclusive settings.

Project Website: Early Childhood TA Center
FPG Project Staff:
Christina M. Kasprzak, Principal Investigator
Megan E. Vinh, Co-Principal Investigator
Betsy Clifton Ayankoya, Associate Director
Deborah A. Cate, Technical Assistance Specialist
Siobhan E. Colgan, Technical Assistance Specialist
Laura E. Curtis, Project Coordinator
Sherry A. Franklin, Technical Assistance Specialist
Peggy Hensley, Technical Support for TA
Cherie R. Bartell, Applications Analyst
Elizabeth Anne Jones, Data Analyst
Alexander M. Lazara, Applications Analyst
Lisa Levin, Operations Coordinator
Anne L. Lucas, Technical Assistance Specialist
Jacqueline M. Marshall, Data Systems Specialist
Katy McCullough, Technical Assistance Specialist
Allison J. Metz, Senior Research Scientist
Kellen Reid, Technical Assistance Specialist
Evelyn F. Shaw, Educational Consultant
Christine D. Wagner, Technology Support Analyst
Kathy T. Whaley, Technical Assistance Specialist
Sherri Britt Williams, Technical Assistance Specialist
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education
Funding Period: 10/03/2017 - 12/31/2022
Amount Awarded To Date: $17,600,000
Total Award Amount: $23,000,000