Recently Funded Projects

  • This dissertation study aims to identify characteristics of kindergarten classroom and elementary school contexts that contribute to Head Start children’s continued learning across the transition to school in order to inform policymaking related to this topic, both in the state of North Carolina and nationally.
  • The Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center will assist the CDC's EHDI with (1) identifying some best practices/models with Part C programs at the state and national levels to better address issues of documenting that infants with hearing loss are receiving ED services, (2) measuring progress, (3) assessing outcomes, and (4) meeting national benchmarks.
  • This project is designed to provide a statewide evaluation of the NC Pre-K Program. The primary research questions addressed include who is served by the NC Pre-K Program, what are the characteristics and quality of services provided, and what are the outcomes for children attending the program. Data are gathered from multiple sources including classroom observations, teacher surveys, child assessments, and monthly program reports.